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Reading Friendships, Paris

'Fraternité’ is inscribed across the architectures of Paris, a city that more than other European capitals of late has had its capacity to support committed companionship and sensitive acceptance brutally strained. As masculinising as it is militaristic, the word ‘fraternité’ remains one third of the tripartite motto of a country, a capital, and a Place de la Répulique that emerge inspired and inspiring, creative of spaces for discursive friendship and deliberative support. This even against what seem like near-biblical rainfall, excessively punitive, and bald-faced xenophobic activities of national parties and governments in various states of so-called emergency.

We propose a small, positively naive attempt at orienting ourselves around notions of friendship—akin to ‘fraternité’—on the afternoon of June 17th in Paris. We suggest as tentative fulcrum for this English-language discussion, readings of three short text excerpts by Francophone authors: Blanchot, Foucault, and Derrida. Suggestions for other materials, languages, actions, perspectives or interventions are entirely welcomed, also as reaction to these admittedly mainstay (all authored by white men) parasitically Parisian and perhaps somewhat anachronistic first suggestions. This, too, can form part of our deliberations, as actions of (not just discussions about) friendship.

Playing on the resonances of the phrase, ‘kith and kin’, the continent. experimental publishing collective will host a gathering of friends, sisters, brothers, and others. We invite kindred spirits and seek a mutual ‘kenning’, a kind of knowledge that arises in the joining together of descriptive phrases that demonstrate relatedness and interaction.
The indeterminate goals of this discussion might include antagonising our particular mediated condition of being ‘alone together’, or perhaps attempting to build together an escape tunnel to elide the mythic pathologies of self-abuse, loneliness, laziness (how did we become so withdrawn that doing something, anything, gets called ‘accelerationism’?), and (spiritual) impoverishment that seem to be mainstays of today's individual-institutional relational condition and conditioning. What role(s) do(es) friendship(s) play in these presumptive acts of making, art, reading, writing, research and scholarship?


Friendship as a Way of Life by Michel Foucault
Friendship by Maurice Blanchot
The Politics of Friendship by Jacques Derrida

Friday, June 17th, 2016
2PM-5PM (end time is approximate)
Centre Culturel Suisse de Paris
32, 38 rue des Francs Bourgeois
75003 Paris

Please bring your friends, children, wine, food, animals, umbrellas, baskets, toys, ideas...