continent. maps a topology of unstable confluences and ranges across new thinking, traversing interstices and alternate directions in culture, theory, biopolitics and art.
continent. events

Reproducing at L’Automatica, Barcelona
L'Automatica, 23–27.05.18

Fieldtalks, at the Anthropocene Campus Philadelphia
Drexel University, 22–26.10.17

Echoes of Eco, Two Walks in Athens
documenta 14 A-letheia Kiosks, 14-15.06.17

Reading at Attention, in Barcelona
Fundació Antoni Tàpies, 10.02.2017

Acoustic Infrastructure
Eyebeam, New York City, 24.09.2016

Reading Friendships, Paris
Centre Culturel Suisse de Paris, 17.06.2016

Open Scenarios for Non-Trivial Pursuits
Coded Cultures Festival, Vienna, 25–28.05.2016

Publish and be damned?
Index Foundation, Stockholm, 12-13.10.2012

The Aesthetics of (Para)Academic Practice"
Aesthetics in the 21st Century
University of Basel, 13-15.09.12