continent. maps a topology of unstable confluences and ranges across new thinking, traversing interstices and alternate directions in culture, theory, biopolitics and art.
Issue 2.2 / 2012: 59

Letter from the Editors

Paul Boshears, Jamie Allen, Nico Jenkins

continent. 2.2 (2012): 59

For this, our sixth issue, we offer firn as our constellating theme.

From the Old High German firni, meaning “old” and related to the Swedish forn connoting “former,” firn is the term used to indicate snow that has survived the summer months. Firn is rounded, well-bonded snow that, like continent., has existed for more than one year and has a density greater than one would expect from snow pack. Firn snow is a moment between glacial ice and the wet snow that packs. The material recrystallizes, and affirms its surface tensions and as it becomes impermeable to moisture, the transition to glacial ice is consummated. We again have elected to emphasize a term that translates the passage of time into the spatialization of time.

This issue features several translations: the avant garde French poet Jean Daive and the nomadic media theorist Vilém Flusser's melancholy into English; the text-based absurdist art of Sean Carney translates Jean Baudrillard from English into “American;” and Bonnie Jones' visual intervention enables us to hear the silence of our thinking.

Like firn, we've thrived during the summer months: Paul and Tim Gilman-Sevcik spoke at the Public School, New York along with members of punctum books and Sequence Press for their Para-Academic Publishing panel; Paul was very happy to rejoin the Interventions Symposium in Zürich, this year the Autonomous School of Zürich and the Autonomous Beauty School partnered with Rote Fabrik to host several days of grilling and discussion. This fall you will be able to speak with Vincent, Adam, and Nico at the BABEL Working Group's second biennial meeting hosted by Northeastern University in Boston. Jamie and Paul will be joining the editors of the journal Speculations for a discussion of para-academic publishing at the Aesthetics in the 21st Century conference being hosted by the University of Basel in Switzerland. In preparation for this panel discussion, the editors of continent. and Speculations have co-authored a document that articulates some of the practices and concerns that we believe will be shaping the future of academic practice in the next century.

As always, continent. welcomes your excavations, transdisciplinary and media-agnostic in nature and scope. We look forward to accepting your submissions through October 15.