continent. maps a topology of unstable confluences and ranges across new thinking, traversing interstices and alternate directions in culture, theory, biopolitics and art.
Issue 3.1 / 2013: 1

Letter from the Editors

The Editors

Backgrounded by a relative quietude through 2013 at continent., we happily pour forth this, dear readers, watchers and interlocutors, our first issue of this year. The product of (at least) six sleepless nights, and several low carbohydrate energy drinks. Code was whittled; emails were mongered, and various producers wrangled. Boom.

Amongst all this continent. managed to make it to most of its flights, popping up in Mexico to do some psychoanalysis, and Albania to do some radical politics. These will, of course, be purveyed and rendered less ambiguous through future (daddy) issues.

In the deep time of now, however, we bring to you some questions: What is a Compendium? asks Maxwell Stephen Kennel. We thought you'd never ask! What is capitalism doing with computer games? So wonder Simon Ferrari and Ian Bogost. And what would capitalists be doing with drum circles? Let’s see what Feliz Molina has to say. Samuel Vriezen questions whether we are doomed to an optimism/pessimism binary. Can you learn Portuguese from an issue of continent.? (This may be a trick question). Are we “all screen all the time” as Masha Tupitsyn suggests? Tentative answers to these, and more, are not to be found in the work of Jane Lake and Hugo Wolf, but something else might be found; something you did not know you had lost. To Siegfied Zielinksi (almost) goes the final word on all these questions: “the media have become superfluous.”

In our mediatic superfluousness we urge you to read on, though we have learnt enough from the psychoanalysts not to urge you to enjoy. And the final last word: without your support we'd never have made it, and we wouldn't be having this time together—heartfelt thanks.